Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Eco Tools eyeshader brush review

 Hey again! This is a review on a favorite eyeshadow brush of mine, the eco tools eye shaderbrush:
I bought this for about $3.99 at the rite aid by my house a couple months ago and it has become my number one eyeshadow brush!
This brush is perfect for loose pigments! So for all those super pigment or mineral shadow users this is for you!!

I also think this would be good for mineral concealers because it picks up loose powder up very very well. As of late I have been using this with my elf complextion perfection powder to correct with the green on the red around my nose and the yellow to brighten my dark undereye circles.

Earth friendly
Good for mineral/loose eyeshadows
Easy to wash/dries fast
Love the packaging: could use it to keep your brush in as you travel
Comfortable handle

Would not use this for regular shadows-seems to absorb the color and not deposit it evenly

Overall I would give this a 5/5 for mineral eyeshadow use.

Thanks for reading :)

Love, Rachel

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  1. Ecotools brushes are great! I always buy them at iherb.com
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