Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dollar Store Beauty Haul!

Have you found any beauty gems at your local Dollar Store? Take a look at a few I've found this past week!

1. Sticky Page Markers: I saw these at a Dollar Tree and was attracted to it by its pretty colors! I use them to annotate pages that I need to keep track of in my text books and they are super cute!

2. Makeup Bags: This came as a set of 2 for a dollar. They are so cute, I just don't know what Im going to do with them yet! I was attracted by the print.

3. Dollar Tree Lashes: The style caught my attention and I was hooked! I am very curious to see whether these are very good, I think they would make excellent Demi lashes if I could cut them. Also, I might add that even though there was a compartment in the pan for glue...there was no glue in EITHER of the lash packs!

4. L.A. Colors Mineral Powder: I love these powders, they are smooth, silky and brightening! I tend them to find them in my local beauty supply stores or online, but this time I was in luck! I got the shades Sand and Soft Honey. Last summer I used Sand and I picked Soft Honey to suit my winter skin! I think I saw 12 shades total. I paid 2.50 for each.

^ Sand, Soft Honey

5. Remy Natural Lashes 109: Unlike the previous lashes mentioned, these are made from natural hairs! I can tell these are going to work just by looking at them. These have a clear band for easy application and are nicely curved. I paid $1.75 for them.

6. Donna Michelle Nail Stickers: I was attracted by the flowers, I guess we will see if they work! Here is a close up of the cuteness:

7. Super Cute see through Bag! Hello new pencil case!
Take a look:

What gems have YOU found in your local Dollar Store???

Comment below if you care to share!

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