Friday, January 31, 2014

DIY Demi/Half Lashes

Hey Party People!

Here is how I cut my Demi-lashes!

For beginners: 
1. When picking the lashes you want to cut, keep in mind that you want a gradient from long to short with the long part on the outside so that the lashes elongate your eyes. 

2. The more dramatic the lashes you are cutting from the more dramatic your demi lashes can be, so choose your style and lets begin!

You will need:
**a pair of lashes you want to cut: you can generally get 2 pairs of demi lashes out of one lash.

**small scissors

**a lash container to store your new lashes in!


1. The lashes I am using for this tutorial...

^ Cheap, Dollar Tree Lashes!

2. Here I am about to cut along the pink lines and the highlighted yellow section will be my new lashes!

^ Make sure to use small sharp scissors as to not ruin your lashes!

3. The result...

4. Lastly, find something to store your lashes in if you aren't going to wear them right away ~ and your all done!

I love these so much, I find myself wearing them for school!

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