Saturday, January 19, 2013

Old NOTD: Lana Del Rey Inspired Red Tips

So, if you have seen the music video for Born To Die by Lana Del Rey, then maybe you noticed her red and silver tipped nails! I love Lana Del Ray and her music so this manicure was inspired by her... except I skipped the silver.

Reactions to this manicure were, needless to say, all over the map. My mom was like, "Whaaaa?" and I think my dad may have gagged. I got compliments from a girl at school who was wearing hot pink tipped nails and from some of my friends (who could have been lying). Some people I caught taking a double take at my hands...whatever that means, lol.

I used a Sephora polish that I got in a set and the Revlon Base Coat.

Overall, I'm not sure that I'd do this style manicure again, mostly because of my dads reaction. Dad has never lead me wrong. I personally think Lana Del Ray pulled off WAY better than I did.

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