Saturday, October 6, 2012

Review: Ruby Kisses Jellicious Mouth Watering Gloss!

Ruby Kisses is a new brand that I've been seeing a lot of at my beauty supply stores! I haven't seen many reviews on their products, so I've been trying them out on my own :)

Ruby Kisses Jellicious Mouth Watering Gloss - Cotton Candy

 I do like this gloss as a basic gloss to keep in my car or my backpack, but its not going to do much for the color of your lips which is what I generally like lip glosses to do. Also, I tend to like a stickier consistency because it lasts so much longer. What attracted me to this was the was just so appealing!

If they meant candy when they said Mouth Watering... they go it. This stuff is SO sweet.. sweeter than the Liplicous ones even! And it really didn't taste like cotton was just sweet, but it was very moisturizing for my lips.

Nice scent
Super cute packaging
Mango butter and Acai Berry Infused (don't ask me what that means)

Very sweet flavor
Not long lasting
Sheerer than I expected


I do like this gloss but I'm not sure its one that I would repurchase. I like a gloss with some color. In the tube it looked like it would have some but it did not. This is my least favorite of the Ruby Kisses products that I have tried.



  1. Thanks for the review. I saw these at my local beauty supply store in long beach CA. and then got distracted with other products but I still want to try one of these. I read The pigmented ones fall into the lip lines so the sheer one may be a better choice.

    1. Lol, I was looking for more information about this lip glosses and I saw you at another blog, now in this one. It's pretty rare that there are not so much information or youtube gurus talking about this lippies. But I still want to try them so much -and more for the scents <3 - So, I don't know if you will care BUT and have the whole collection. I think I will buy Caramel Frappucino, Chocoloco and Cotton Candy -hoping for the best-


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