Saturday, October 6, 2012

My Current Skin Care

      I try to keep my skin care as natural as possible as to not get my skin used to harsh products. My skin is sensitive to fragrance. I'll get small bumps around my nose and if I have a reaction to a product then I get red bumps around my mouth and forehead area between my brows. My skin is neither excessively dry or oily and its rare that I get a pimple. 
 I am always getting compliments on the clarity of my skin! I am very thankful for it.

Heres a peek at what I like and what I feel works for my skin!! 

Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash: Recently began using this after a fail with the Aveeno Clear Complexion Foam Cleanser (didn't clean my face, caused breakouts, VERY fragranced) and after using the Boots 7 Which Hazel and Tea Tree Foam cleanser. I loved that Boots cleanser but I can only find it in Thailand :(
This wash cleans my skin without drying it out. I love that its so gentle! The packaging is my only complaint. The product seems to be spilling even when closed? We'll see.

Arabic Store Rose Water: My mom came across this rose water at some Arabic store somewhere and picked it up for me as she knows I use this as a toner! I love it. Its just like any other rose water I've used except the bottle is glass and I kinda like that! Rosewater is very gentle and works great as a toner for my skin, not to mention it smells awesomee :D

Simple Hydrating Moisturizer: I am really liking this moisturizer that I have began using after using Biore's SPF 30 Moisturizer all summer. This one doesn't have SPF but I feel like as winter is coming along I don't need all that SPF. Its a very light moisturizer. Almost gel-like, seems tacky as its drying, but leaves my face super smooth~!!

Original Noxema: When I feel like my skin is struggling after using a product that reacted harshly with my skin, I reach for this. Big, inexpensive, and lasts forever. It cleanses and leaves my skin moisturized, like an oil cleanser :)

St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Invigorating Scrub: My favorite for expholating my skin. I like to mix it with the Noxema to reduce the harshness of the scrub and after my skin looks radiant and smooth :)

Epielle Green Tea Cleaning Tissues: Thank the Lord for Big Lots! This is where I buy my makeup removing cloths. They have Aloe, Cucumber and Green Tea in a small (30 count) size and a large (60 count) size. The Green Tea ones are my favorite and yes, I have tried them all :) They remove my makeup well and don't irritate my skin!

Grape Seed Oil: For night time moisture and eye makeup removal this is a favorite! Removes mascara and eyeliner and all that waterproof stuff in an instant!
 I'll put this over the area that I need it, massage it in and use my makeup wipes to remove the oil. Then I'll go wash my face and I'm done!

I make sure to make sure that all my makeup is removed. That might be my biggest skin care secret. Take the time to remove all your makeup - your skin will love you!


A preview of my Senior Pictures!!! No foundation ... just clear skin :)

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