Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Review: NYC Blushable Creme Sticks

NYC (New York Color) Blushable Creme Stick Blushes

Muavin' Uptown and Plaza Pink
With these amazing cream blushes being discontinued they are getting harder and harder to find! Lucky for me I found some at my local Dollar Tree. You may want to check there if you cant find them in your drugstore!

I am really excited to be reviewing these cream blushes by NYC! They are well pigmented and have decent staying power not to mention how easy they are to use! I have been using Muavin' Uptown on and off for about a month now.

Muavin Uptown is a nice dark berry color that I use as a blush or blend into the hollows of my cheeks for a bit of contour. It is my favorite of the two. Its dark enough that it can contour my face but not so much that I can't use it on my cheeks too! If your a person that likes to put blush on your temples as well as your cheeks these may work well for you too. Both of them have a pearl to them, Muavin' isn't at all glittery though.

Plaza Pink is a very light pearly and glittery pink. I have used this on more than one occasion but I don't think the color is right for me. I can pull it off as a very light blush at my skin tone but i am not really a fan of really light blushes, at least not yet. It doesn't come of ashy at all, but its a bit glittery.

Scroll for swatches in natural, flash and florescent light....

Muavin' Uptown as a blush on the cheeks and temples blended with fingers!

The consistency of these blushes are more on the drier side but they are creamy enough to blend into your cheeks without making you look too shiny or feel like you put something slick on your face. Its creates a nice natural finnish.

The packaging is a screw up or down packaging. Very convenient for use and for travel.

To use these, I apply it straight from the tube onto my face in the area that I want, then I blend it with my fingers or a brush. These work on your lips too! I use Muavin' Uptown as a 'lipstick' under either a clear gloss or a pinky nude gloss.

* Scent Free
* Blendable, noncrumbly texture
* Inexpencive

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