Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mac Fix + Review

Yay! Ok, so the day I got my new glasses my dad and I were at the mall and of course we were passing by a Mac counter and I HAD to stop. I had never bought Mac products before and I just so happen to have some money on me, so.....

I guess I should say that this is my first Mac product ever. I am hoping to try one of their eyeshadows but UDPP is next on my list so I have to wait.

Anywho, to the REVIEW!!

Just because I am so excited about this let me just say, I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I feel like there are a THOUSAND USES for this and I really feel like it was worth my money :)


 The packaging can basically be described as awesome :) Not cheap AT ALL. It feels strong and durable and looks cool and awesome and stuff.

ALSO: Its a pump spray, and you can twist it to lock it.

I know I'm not going to in depth with the packaging part of this product but I just cant think of any thing bad to say.


Ok, so its obviously a liquid product, for about $21 including tax you get 100 ML or 3.4 US FL OZ. It has a 24 month shelf life...which really does not matter because you will use it up in like a few months.

One thing about it is the smell, it smells very floral and its so beautiful and addicting and AHHHHH feeling. Its smells so frickin good.

I have been using this for about a month or so now and I have only used a tiny bit and i use it almost everyday!!


Ok, this is my favorite part. This is in no particular order :)

1. Aftershave: no not your face ladies, your LEGS. It makes your legs feel so soft and smooth and not dry :)) Though if you keep it up you will run out fast and also, lotion does the same thing :)

2. Skin Refresher: This is one of the uses it says on the bottle, Its true, it does in fact refresh your skin and it makes you look all dewy as if you like just washed your face and its all clean :)

3. Finishing Mist: Another use mentioned on the bottle. The lady at the Mac counter said that you cound use this before applying your makeup or after, or both. IDK if 'finishing' means 'setting' though. Like, I don't know if this is supposed to set your makeup but I have been using it on top of my powder and my makeup does stay all day, and it used to mysteriously disappear over the course of the school day.

4. MYSTERIOUSLY SMOOTH for powder users: If you use a mineral foundation, blush, concealer or just anything in general that is in powder form you probably notice that when you are finnished there is kind of a powdery look to your face. What I do, is I either spray this directly onto my face or I take a brush and I distribute it across my face both over and under my powder and I swear my skin looks like there is nothing on it, still with the benefits of the makeup.

5. Mixing Medium: When I was at the Mac counter I asked the lady if this would make my eyeshadows more vibrant. She said yes but I didn't need to use this good stuff, as she put it, for something like that, she said I could just use water but I still use it to make shadows more vibrant but also to make my foundation stick creamier and lighter to apply under my eyes and for blemishes.

ALSO if you have a loose pigment that you would like to foil, that comes in handy as well :)

6. Reviver: Im not really much into mascara but I do have some mascara that dried out about a week after I opened it and its the only mascara that I really like so i tried reviving it with my Fix + and it did work quite well. I have also heard of people using this to revive other things such as their paint pot.

7. Blending Cream foundations: spray this on your brush while applying foundation for a more flawless look!

And Im sure there are others BUT these are the only ones I have used it for.

Awesome. So, thats my review, if I totally left something out just lemme know and I will add it. I am in the process of making my own homemade fix + to compare it to the actual one.

UPDATE: I have finished this product and I have determined that the homemade one you make with glycerin and water is almost the same. It does the same thing anyway. The one thing that I can only get from the MAC version is the SMELL. I am addicted to the smell.

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