Saturday, February 12, 2011

Student Exchange Program: Makeup?!

Ok, so if you didn't already know this, I'm supposed to be an exchange  
student to Thailand next year, my 11th grade year. Already I have been  
thinking about what to pack and it occured to me that they might not  
even sell makeup in Thailand. As it is I am only allowed to pack 2  
luggage bags under 50 pounds and a carry on and a purse. The rest of  
my stuff my parents are going to have to ship to me.

  So, as far as I know so far, clothes should be cheap in Thailand. I  
plan to bring some of my own clothes here but I can leave all my heavy  
winter stuff here cuz it's so hot there.  I wish I knew exactly what  
was available there because then I could know what to bring and what  
not to bring.

I know I'm gonna pack loads of sunscreen, my knife (mabe buy a bigger  
one), enough femenine products to last me a millon years, my journals,  
and my MAKEUP.

I forgot that that was what i was supposed to be talking about. Ok, so  
I have no idea what kind of makeup IF ANY is in thailand and I know it  
would be super duper expencive to have any shiped there so, what do I  

I'm a darker skin tone and will probably become much much darker while  
I am there and I know they won't have no make up for no black people.  
*sigh..... The only thing I can think of doing is packing tremendously  
large quantities of mineral foundation since my black opal will  
probably melt all over my face and buy 20+ of my favorite eyeshadows  
and eyeliners.

I'm probably going to need a rediculouly good primer to resist the  
sweltering heat too...

I plan to post more about the details of my exchange later when I get  

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  1. It appears that you'll have plenty of places to buy makeup in Thailand. It sounds like there aren't good deals though, you'll pay about the same as in the US, except for if you shop at the duty free stores in the airport. It also sounds like most Thai people are dark skinned but hate it and so many of the foundations have bleach or other whiteners in them, including well known brands that you know from back home, so check labels carefully. I've also heard that you shouldn't buy makeup in the markets, only in reputable pharmacies/department stores/malls. The stuff sold in the markets is counterfeit and may have dangerous ingredients. Here's a couple of links for you:
    Makeup in Thailand

    More Makeup in Thailand


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