Saturday, February 26, 2011

My NEW Homemade Brush Cleaner

Happy Saturday!! Last night I decided I was going to clean my brushes with a little more than just alcohol and water and make myself a brush cleaner!! I looked online at the many types of brush cleaner and the one that caught my eye was the Mac Brush Cleaner because it was pink. SO I decided to make my homemade brush cleaner PINK!!

Ok, mine came out like this:
A Day in the Life of Rachel
Ok, so to make this I used 3 main products, cheap that you can get at the dollar store and Walmart....

This is from DT:
A Day in the Life of Rachel
 This is from Walmart:
A Day in the Life of Rachel
 and this is from CVS:
A Day in the Life of Rachel
You can use shampoo as well instead of shower gel though I would not recommend dish soap because it left some of my brushes kinda dry...

Also I would add a little bit of leave in conditioner, the clear kind so that you don't have clumpy conditioner throughout your bottle. I added a little bit but I couldn't find it when I went to take pictures :)

I don't think the measurements have to be exact so i just threw in a tablespoon of each ingredient plus a little water and a tip of red coloring that i got in a 'make your own' makeup kit...

Here is a good place for recipies:

I am not one to follow a recipie because I prefer to learn from mistakes, the next time I make this brush cleaner I think I will add less alcohol and less baby cologne, more conditioner and more water.

Anyway, hope this kinda helps you! I tried out the brush cleaner after I made it and it did a good job. I use this as a brush cleaner for my face painting brushes and my makeup brushes :)

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  1. Great tip! I usually just use shampoo to deep clean and rubbing alcohol to spot clean. But maybe i'll give this one a go! Thanks for sharing Rachel!

  2. oh great tip!! I'm all out of my MAC brush cleanser, so I will probably try this out!


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