Monday, January 17, 2011

Claire's Liquid Eyeliner Review

If you read my last post you know very well that I am not pleased with this product. In fact I'm disgusted. I got a Claire's gift card for my birthday and with it bought this, a nail and manicure set for my mom for her birthday and a super duper cute headband with a bow.

Normally I think Claire's is a good store overall, I am dying to try their glow-in-the-dark nail polish, some of their eyeshadows and hopefully buy another manicure set for myself. But with their liquid eyeliner they definitely messed up. I'm sorry Claire's.

So, about the liner. When I saw it in the store it was boxed next to some silver liquid eyeliner and another one in purple. I hadn't tried liquid eyeliner before this so i decided to give it a try plus $3.99 seemed like a good deal. As soon as my dad and I got back to the car (yes my dad takes me shopping) I opened the liner and tried it on my hand. It made a thin clean black line so I was pretty happy.

*A Day in the Life of Rachel

*A Day in the Life of Rachel

*A Day in the Life of Rachel

*A Day in the Life of Rachel

Later on when I looked at my hand the nice thin black line was gone :0 but I didn't think anything about it then since I didn't know much about liquid liner because this was my first time trying it.
Now that I look back I see where that should have warned me.

Anyway, I tried it on my upper lash line one day and for about an hour it was fine but then I found myself brushing black flakes from my cheeks and when I got home and looking in the mirror there was no liner anywhere. Lids included. So throughout the day all the liner that I had put on that morning had completely flaked off.

I am trying to think of something good to say about this liner but can't seem to think of anything. It's pigmented like it should be but when you put it on it steaks so bad that you need like 3 layers to get a good bold line like what I was trying to do.

If you have anything positive to say about this product please let me know so that I can include it in this article.

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  1. I just went through an entire container of this stuff and I actually loved it. This was my first liquid liner as well, and I used it every day. (That silver liner is also great, I bought it too on the same day). I found the trick with it is to use a brush and NOT the wand thing it comes with. I found I could get a cleaner line, I could really control the thickness, and it never took more than a two coats for a nice dark line. I just use a cheap artists brush I had laying around (I'd tell you what kind but all the markings are rubbed off) to apply it, but any thin relatively-pointed brush will do. The thing is to try NOT to put too many layers on - that's what causes it to become prone to flaking.

    Hope I've helped you out a bit! :)

  2. Yea, i threw this liner out LONG AGO. It flaked no matter how i tried it. There are so many other better liners out there for a better price even :)


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