Tuesday, January 18, 2011


                Ok, so as you know if you have been reading this blog I am relatively new with the makeup thing.  I, having no money, can’t just run to the store and buy an $18.00 eye shadow primer, so over the past couple weeks I have been experimenting with different things that I could potentially use as a primer. I have extremely oily lids so keeping eye shadow on my face it a bit of a challenge.
A couple things I have tried:
·         Lotion – NO
·         Sunscreen  - NO
·         Vaseline – NO
·         Foundation and Lotion mix (from youtube) – Kinda worked for a couple hours but it couldn’t even get me through half a school day.
·         Plain Foundation – Same as above
·         Burts Bees Chapstick – Yes, depending on the weather and your environment -  If you need a good 10 hours then no. I got about 5 hours outa this.
·         Lipgloss- 2 hours MAX
·         Hairspray – NO NO NO NO NO, I don’t even know where I go this crazy idea
·         Cream eyeshadow stick – NO – the cream eyeshadow creases.

I tried a few other things that aren’t even worth mentioning…but I want to tell you about something that really worked and it lasted ALL DAY today, and today was a quite stressfull day, and I didn’t even need to buy anything extra!
What Worked:
        So,  what I did was I took my Burts Bees Chapstick and I put it all over my eyeshadow area. Then I took my Black Opal Foundation stick, you can use your own foundation, probably any foundation or concealer , and I put all over my eye(where the shadow goes). Then I took my Ruby Kisses Pressed Powder and I applied it like I would eyeshadow except with my finger and kinds pressed it into the foundation. And over that I just did my regular makeup and I was done!
Lemme tell you, IT WORKED!!
So try it out lemme know how it works for you!!
<3 Rachel

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