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Adventures in Face Painting: How to select Face Painting Brushes, Face Painting Designs, Cheek Art Designs and Klutz Brothers Face Painting Kit Review

Just so you know, I am in NO WAY a professional face painter. I face paint for my church in the outreach ministry and in children’s programs as a volunteer because it’s something I like to do. I wanted to start doing more face painting, as a business but I am still figuring out how to get started. So, anyway....

When I first began face painting, I started with some acrylic non toxic craft paints from Michael’s and an 8  pack of camel hair craft brushes. Just so you know, you are NOT supposed to use acrylic paints toxic or non toxic on the skin. But if you think you wanna try to get away with it there is nothing I can do, but realize that some kids will react to the paint and some acrylics peel as soon as they dry.

These are the 5 I could scrape together. I think there are 2 other super huge ones and the other I gave away. I use the big ones for applying glitter and stuff like that.

*MAKEUP USE: I also found that you can use these for makeup. I use them to dab on shimmer powder or highlight, even bending even though they aren't that soft.
These brushes I bought aren't face painting quality because the hairs separate when you are trying to paint which makes for messy lines and uneven layers. I have found that brushes bought in packs are never as good as buying single brushes.
A Day in the Life of Rachel

The brushes above are some that I bought single. I just bought some more but I will post about those later. If you are at your craft store and you are looking in the brush section make sure the bush is synthetic and test it against your hand to see if the bristles separate too much.

For face painting I prefer gold taklon, and synthetic.

If you are looking for ideas or designs of things to face paint, or cheek art designs there are several sites you can try. The ones I have found useful are:
When I became more informed about quality Face Paints I decided to invest in a better set of cosmetic grade face paints....except I didn't want to spend $115 bucks on a professional set. So I settled with Klutz Brothers Face Painting Kit. Their kit costs about $24.95 for a book FULL of Ideas, 6 standard colors of face paint and a brush.

As you can see I separated the paints from the book so that the kids could pick something from the book and I could have the paint separate. Later on I developed a catalogue of my own (that I will show in a later post) so that I could categorize and add to my collection.
The brush included in the kit is not one to discard. It is the BEST BRUSH EVER. I wish I knew what type of bristles it has, I think it is synthetic.
The paint included in the kit is amazing as well. It's Wolfe Brothers professional, cosmetic grade face paint and it has all your standard colors. Red, green, blue, yellow, black, white. The paints go on smoothly, they are water based and they remove with anything. Even spit. But you could use baby wipes, vaseline, and baby wipes as well.

The instructions say not to use the Red paint around the eyes, but I haven't, so I don't know what would happen if you did.
Overall, this set is great. If you are a beginner I would TOTALY start with this. If you only want to buy the paints it's on the Klutz bros. website for about $12.95.

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*Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I left my camera and I have been waiting to get it back.

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