Saturday, February 15, 2014

Walgreens Haul!!

Good morning! I am really excited to share with you a few new things I added to my collection that I think are absolute gems!

1. WNW Polish in Tickled Pink 402: This is a very pretty flat baby pink shade but a true baby pink, not  pastel. I bought it on a whim looking for a color for Valentines Day and I really quite like it! Also, it was only .99 cents! I think this would be a very flattering color on the toes for spring and really want to try it under my Essie glitter polish in Stroke of Brilliance!

2. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation in Honey Beige: Being a tinted moisturizer person, I really wanted to try a foundation as I haven't tried one in a few years. For a very long time, I have stuck to my ELF Tinted Moisturizer in Sand and my Sonia Kashuk Tinted Moisturizer in Tan, and while I love them still, I have been wanting to experiment with more coverage! Not sure which foundation to try first, I did some research and this one was most attractive to me. I was not sure Neutrogena would carry my shade as they seemed to only cater to lighter skin tones but I was able to find my shade!! Honey Beige is the second to darkest, and while I do think it may be a little light, Tan, the next shade up, looked way too brown for my skin. Review and comparison coming soon!! Paid 10.99.

3. Jordana Easy Liner Lip Pencils in Cabernet and Plush Plum: While these are very beautiful colors, I think the names are deceiving! If I wouldn't have known the colors before hand by looking online, I probably would have had a hard time picking some. I love these. I wore Cabernet as a dark lip for Valentines Day paired with some natural lashes. I like to wear lip pencils alone and Cabernet had some stay power that was amazing! Can't wait to go back and get more colors!!! Cabernet is a deep vampy purple and Plush Plum is a burgundy. 

Reviews on these coming soon!

Friday, January 31, 2014

DIY Demi/Half Lashes

Hey Party People!

Here is how I cut my Demi-lashes!

For beginners: 
1. When picking the lashes you want to cut, keep in mind that you want a gradient from long to short with the long part on the outside so that the lashes elongate your eyes. 

2. The more dramatic the lashes you are cutting from the more dramatic your demi lashes can be, so choose your style and lets begin!

You will need:
**a pair of lashes you want to cut: you can generally get 2 pairs of demi lashes out of one lash.

**small scissors

**a lash container to store your new lashes in!


1. The lashes I am using for this tutorial...

^ Cheap, Dollar Tree Lashes!

2. Here I am about to cut along the pink lines and the highlighted yellow section will be my new lashes!

^ Make sure to use small sharp scissors as to not ruin your lashes!

3. The result...

4. Lastly, find something to store your lashes in if you aren't going to wear them right away ~ and your all done!

I love these so much, I find myself wearing them for school!

Was this helpful?

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dollar Store Beauty Haul!

Have you found any beauty gems at your local Dollar Store? Take a look at a few I've found this past week!

1. Sticky Page Markers: I saw these at a Dollar Tree and was attracted to it by its pretty colors! I use them to annotate pages that I need to keep track of in my text books and they are super cute!

2. Makeup Bags: This came as a set of 2 for a dollar. They are so cute, I just don't know what Im going to do with them yet! I was attracted by the print.

3. Dollar Tree Lashes: The style caught my attention and I was hooked! I am very curious to see whether these are very good, I think they would make excellent Demi lashes if I could cut them. Also, I might add that even though there was a compartment in the pan for glue...there was no glue in EITHER of the lash packs!

4. L.A. Colors Mineral Powder: I love these powders, they are smooth, silky and brightening! I tend them to find them in my local beauty supply stores or online, but this time I was in luck! I got the shades Sand and Soft Honey. Last summer I used Sand and I picked Soft Honey to suit my winter skin! I think I saw 12 shades total. I paid 2.50 for each.

^ Sand, Soft Honey

5. Remy Natural Lashes 109: Unlike the previous lashes mentioned, these are made from natural hairs! I can tell these are going to work just by looking at them. These have a clear band for easy application and are nicely curved. I paid $1.75 for them.

6. Donna Michelle Nail Stickers: I was attracted by the flowers, I guess we will see if they work! Here is a close up of the cuteness:

7. Super Cute see through Bag! Hello new pencil case!
Take a look:

What gems have YOU found in your local Dollar Store???

Comment below if you care to share!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Rachel's Favorite and Not-So Favorite Concealers!!

Cover Girl Queen Natural Hue Liquid concealer - Light
ELF Tone Correcting concealer - Spice
Mac Select cover-up concealer - NC 45
Graftobian HD Glamour Creme Palette - Warm #2
Sleek Cosmetics Luminaire concealer - L03

*Swatches at the end*

The Favorites:

ELF Tone Correcting concealer - Spice: This is one of my favorite concealers for concealing and highlighting a the same time. It works perfectly under my eyes to highlight in a 'V' and is even amazing under my eyebrows down my nose and any other area I want to add brightness to! ELF has definitely changed the formula from when I bought this a while ago. The formula is much more long wearing and thicker which makes for better coverage. That said, this is still a very light coverage concealer, not something you could fully cover a blemish. This is a good product for a concealer and highlighter look where you still want dimension in your face. It also works well with other liquid face products.
Updated review coming soon. Older review Here!

MAC Select cover-up concealer - NC 45: My favorite concealer during the summer for covering blemishes must be this MAC concealer. The reason I say summer is because this concealer only matches me in the summer. When I travel, this is the concealer of choice because it works well on blemishes but also is not too heavy for under the eyes. Come winter, I'm going to try NC 42 for a match but I have the feeling it might be too light. The only thing I might say about this concealer is that it can lean orange.
Full review Here!

Graftobian HD Glamour Creme Palette - Warm #2: I found this concealer while looking for an alternative for the Makeup Forever concealer palate and I am very glad I decided to buy it! I love that it has multiple shades that i can go between and mix and match to find my perfect shade. I use the third color for under my eyes and to cover blemishes and I use the second color to highlight around my brows. The last 2 darkest shades I use as a cream contour and the lightest shade I use as an eye shadow base. Basically, i have a use for every shade! I will make a full review for this soon because there is really so much to say!

The Not-So Favorites:

Cover Girl Queen Natural Hue Liquid concealer - Light: This concealer has been in my collection for a long time and I haven't thrown it away because I honestly have been trying to like it. When you first put this concealer on it goes on very liquidy and patchy. It actually evens out and turns matte as it dries but it also gets darker as it dries. As you go throughout your day it seems to convert directly into oil and wherever you put the concealer you have a shiny spot. The brings me to the other thing about this concealer, that it has no staying power whatsoever! Thumbs down for me.

Sleek Cosmetics Luminaire concealer - L03: My mom bought me this concealer on a trip to London! Thanks Mom! Too bad it doesn't work for me :(. This concealer is the type of concealer that you would think would be good for under your eyes as it is a highlighting concealer, but that is not the case! This concealer is too thick and unblendable to be anything useful to your eyes. The consistency needs to be thinner. I haven't tried this on blemishes but its too light for the rest of my face and why would I want to highlight a blemish??
UPDATE: I really like the peach undertone this concealer has as it helps a lot with my dark circles however, the thick nature of the products causes me to pull on my eyes and I  still have a problem with that.

Swatches and Shade Description:

1. Sleek Cosmetics Luminaire concealer - L03 - medium yellowy salmon
2. Cover Girl Queen Natural Hue Liquid concealer - Light - neutral tan leaning yellow
3. ELF Tone Correcting concealer - Spice: brightening yellowy salmon
4. MAC Select cover-up concealer - NC 45: tan yellow
5. Graftobian Buttermilk(lightest shade in palate): light yellow tone 
6. Graftobian Desert Sand: medium yellow tone
7. Graftobian Golden Sunset: Almost identical to MAC NC 45
8. Graftobian Deep Xanthe: Rich yellowy brown
9. Graftobian Mid. Marygold: Dark yellow tone

Hope this was helpful and hope this gave you some ideas of concealers that might work for you!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Old NOTD: Lana Del Rey Inspired Red Tips

So, if you have seen the music video for Born To Die by Lana Del Rey, then maybe you noticed her red and silver tipped nails! I love Lana Del Ray and her music so this manicure was inspired by her... except I skipped the silver.

Reactions to this manicure were, needless to say, all over the map. My mom was like, "Whaaaa?" and I think my dad may have gagged. I got compliments from a girl at school who was wearing hot pink tipped nails and from some of my friends (who could have been lying). Some people I caught taking a double take at my hands...whatever that means, lol.

I used a Sephora polish that I got in a set and the Revlon Base Coat.

Overall, I'm not sure that I'd do this style manicure again, mostly because of my dads reaction. Dad has never lead me wrong. I personally think Lana Del Ray pulled off WAY better than I did.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

NOTD: Rimmel Satin Black

I've been loving Rimmel's Satin Black nail polish! Two coats gives good results as you can see in the picture. Inexpensive and it lasted a good amount of time on my nails.

What polish are you wearing?

Saturday, December 29, 2012

NOTD: Butter London Polish - Rosie Lee

My Two Cents: At $13.99 i'm not too sure that these polishes are anything special. At least not anymore than an OPI polish or a Sally Hansen polish. The glitter in this polish however, is beautiful and vibrant and I quite like the color. My only gripe is that after about two months of owning this polish, it dried up on me and I was not even halfway done with the polish!

Bought at Plum Market

Would I repurchase? Not at 13.99.

Have you ever tried the Butter London Polishes?