Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sally Girl Haul/ Sally Girl Baked Eyeshadows Review

Yay, so I've been wanting to write a review on these shadows for a while now and I'm super glad to finnaly be able to. Lately, I've been just super busy with Pit Orchestra for the musical in which I play the trumpet, gymnastics, jazz band, and just homework and stuff, ugh.

Anyway, I absolutly love these shadows, they are great to use wet or dry and are vibrant even without a base or primer.

A Day in the Life of Rachel

Once I wore the purple wet without a base or a primer and it lasted  
all day with no creasing, but then again it was a pretty easy day,  
just went to the mall.

I had never tried baked eyeshadows before and was mildly confused by  
the texture at first. I did some reasearch and found out that these shadows  
start off as a liquid and are literally  baked in an oven. Obviously  
not like the oven you have at home but a similar concept.

You can get these shadows for .99 cents (or .89 with a sallys card)  
ONLY at Sallys Beauty Supply(store/online) and they are the cutest things ever. The little container is so tiny and cute, I would say about the size of a  
quarter and it's got a little flip open cap and the whole thing  
reminds you of a little bubble... It's great.

I have 3 of their colors: Teal, Purple and Bronze. I love them all! 

A Day in the Life of Rachel

A Day in the Life of Rachel

A Day in the Life of Rachel

A Day in the Life of Rachel

I have swatches and stuff so you can see.
A Day in the Life of Rachel 

At the top are just the shadows and at the bottom they are foiled

I know there are some little like 9 year old girls who have already  
entered the world of makeup and if that is you or your daughter or  
sister or something these are the perfect birthday gift, and at .89  
to .99 cents you can't beat it.

Overall, I would give these a 5 out of 5 because they are great  
product wise and price wise. I plan to buy the other colors soon if  
not today.

Disclaimer: Not sent to me, bought them myself bla, bla, bla.... :)
Hope this review helped you! Thanks to all my followers! Comment please!

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  1. I own all but one of these, and they are great!

  2. simply gorgeous!

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